Alan Luckow started his professional design career in 1990.

Luckow Design Studios is run by Alan Luckow.

Currently Alan serves as creative director for several companies, GeeThree, eyeeco, Inc and BAM Labs. He is actively involved in corporate identity, branding, web presence and product development in these companies. He is also a design consultant to numerous other firms primarily located in the San Francisco Bay area in California. Since January 2009, Alan has been a regular a co-host on NPR’s GeekSpeak radio show broadcast on KUSP FM Saturday mornings, and also available archived in podcast form.

In 2002 Alan joined Wheels of Zeus, a small team headed by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple computer. The purpose was to explore solutions in the growing consumer GPS products field. This project lasted until January of 2006.

Prior to 2001, Alan was creative director for Kerbango, Inc. Another Silicon Valley startup that produced the world’s first stand alone Internet radio. Alan brought a wealth of skills to the Kerbango arsenal : web design expertise, print experience, corporate identity and product branding. He is also an expert in internet radio. Kerbango was acquired by 3Com Corporation in September of 2000 for 80M after only a year and a half in development.

In early 2000, he completed online branding and website development for PC peripheral giant, Mitsumi corporation. This included building the corporate site, Intranet and an e-commerce site for the sales branch, MitsumiDirect. He also handled many promotional and package design projects for Mitusmi.

As one of the founding members of OnRadio, Inc., he helped create the largest network of radio stations on the web. Serving as creative director of OnRadio, Alan developed six distinctive online format magazines as well as a system for creating and managing over 500 individual radio station websites. He was responsible for architecture in all of the sites and personally produced over a hundred of them. Alan also created and managed the corporate ID, collateral and tradeshow exhibits for the company.

Alan’s radio experience led him to become a contributing writer to “Internet Age Broadcaster, Broadcasting, Marketing and Business Models on the Net” (ISBN 0-89324-300-0) and “The Targeted Audience, Internet Database Marketing Strategies for Broadcasters” (ISBN 0-89324-322-1).

Since the advent of the Internet, Alan has created web sites and provided graphics support for numerous companies,including TychoNet, Internic, TNT Media, Canon, The San Francisco Fillmore, SGI, AboveNet, Agilent Technologies, and National Semiconductor among others.

Alan has headed up the creative team on many commercial and private corporate CD-ROM projects prior to 1997. His multimedia skills were honed creating interactive executive on-screen presentations for Silicon Valley clients such as Apple Computer, LSI Logic, Dun & Bradstreet, Claris, SGI, NEC, Hewlett Packard, Silicon Graphics, EuroChannel and InfoWorld. His abilities range from storyboarding and directing commercials (television/radio) to online and print design projects. His presentations have been used for everything from trade shows to investment funding roadshows to engineering conferences.

As a former principle in Transprint Design, Alan managed projects ranging from complete corporate identity systems, to brand packaging design, to direct marketing. He supervised newspaper production staffs in Santa Cruz (Good Times Weekly) and in Chicago (Northern Star, CLC Chronicle). His graphics and illustrations have appeared in numerous magazines and ads, including a feature bio spread in Comic Relief Magazine (1989).

Alan has received an “Outstanding Graphics Design” Award for his work in print media as well as from International Brand Packaging Awards. Al received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northern Illinois University, with a major in Visual Communication & Studio Design.

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