Alan Luckow started his professional design career in 1990.

Alan Luckow is currently serving as a design consultant to numerous firms primarily located in the San Francisco Bay area in California.

Alan has been the senior creative at numerous California design agencies as well as  corporate creative at Apple, Logitech, 3Com and other tech companies. Since 2000, Alan has focused on early stage Silicon Valley startups such as OnRadio, Kerbango, Wheels of Zeus, Bam Labs, UDP Labs and Ripcord. For the last ten years he has worked primarily on biometric products and health-related projects.

Alan’s background is strong in design and leading creative teams. 

  1. Ideation, development and prototyping of hardware/software products. 
  2. UI/UX design of mobile apps, web apps and reporting. 
  3. Managing ID, packaging, branding and marketing 
  4. Developing product roadmaps and VC fundraising strategies

Alan currently is listed on four patents, has work published in numerous publications such as Forbes and Venturebeat and spent over four years as co-host of an NPR show called “GeekSpeak”. 

Alan’s radio experience led him to become a contributing writer to “Internet Age Broadcaster, Broadcasting, Marketing and Business Models on the Net” (ISBN 0-89324-300-0) and “The Targeted Audience, Internet Database Marketing Strategies for Broadcasters” (ISBN 0-89324-322-1).

His hobbies include ocean paddle boarding, outrigger canoe racing (OC6) and life drawing. Alan holds a BFA in Visual Communication and Studio Design From Northern Illinois University.

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