View Portfolio here: Luckow Portfolio 5.3.pdf

For the past twenty or so years I’ve worked in startups, a mixture of hardware and software, helping bring companies and products to life. During this time I have been involved in all aspects of product, brand design and marketing. I’ve been in a couple of successful exits and a couple not so successful. Before that it was mostly design agencies or freelance work for Apple, Cisco, HP, NEC, Logitech and a host of other surrounding Silicon Valley companies. You can see a lot of that on my LinkedIn page.

Lately I have been involved in all aspects of design as an individual contributor as well as a director and executive.

  1. Ideation, prototyping and development of hardware/software products. 
  2. UI/UX design of mobile apps, web apps and reporting. 
  3. Managing ID, packaging, branding and marketing through teams as well as individual contributor
  4. Product roadmap development syncing customer feedback with engineering capability
  5. VC fundraising strategies/presentations

My website is of a very general nature as far as a selection of my relevant work. I have a digital portfolio which gives an overview of my capabilities. I cannot show all my work for a variety of reasons, but would be happy to show you more in person if that is an issue. I also have a magazine hardcopy I can send.

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