Luckow Design Studios can create everything from your product brand to your corporate identity. Whether you need a simple ID package (business card, letterhead and envelope) or full graphics standards manual.

Web Design

A standard service. Luckow Design focuses on integration of the website into an overall marketing and identity strategy. Designs are produced with the forethought that they may be used for other purposes. The Luckow philosophy about web design is not to reinvent the wheel. There are many conventions on layout and design that are easy for the user to understand immediately. The product or service should be the highlight. Once a website is produced, it’s handed off for the customer to manage, therefore there are no maintenance fees.


UI design and user experience has become an important part of any software product. Touchscreen and traditional GUI elements are produced in schematic wireframe and delivered as finished graphics for inclusion in your application.

Print Design

Our natural resources are dwindling quickly. Paper happens to be responsible for a big chunk. Luckow Design Studios is committed to killing as few trees as possible to complete your job. We still communicate through signage, business cards, letterheads, advertisements, packages, labels and pop displays. But there is a way to do it responsibly. Every effort to specify recycled materials.


Funny how you can’t just go up to the podium and give a speech anymore. You have to have all this stuff zipping around behind you on the screen to get your point across or hold the audience’s attention. Luckow Design does that zipping around stuff. Also provided is support to help speakers build their presentations.

Advertising and Animation

Rich media, intro animations, commercial video spots and trade show self running demos bring your product to life.

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