Outrigger Santa Cruz logo by Luckow

Outrigger Santa Cruz ID

Outrigger canoe paddling is the fun and social way to get fit on the Monterey Bay. Experience teamwork, nature, adventure, and competition in diverse programs for family, recreation, fitness, and racing. Stakeholders: Tai Boutell, President

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Anametric is developing new technologies and devices for chip scale quantum photonics, with a focus on cybersecurity. The company enjoys a close working relationship with Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas. Together, they are commercializing innovative devices based on the SMU team’s advanced research along with Anametric’s deep experience in semiconductor design and cybersecurity. […]

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Eklunds Logo by Luckow


Logo design. Client Info: Elevator interiors are Eklund’s area of expertise. Elevator cab renovation and modernization, and new elevator cabs for commercial buildings are their specialties. Stakeholders: Ken Stilwell, Stilwell Consulting

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Eden Ponds Logo by Luckow


Eden Ponds designs and installs custom backyard ornamental ponds. Other significant team members: Mario Cirignani

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Reef ID Logo

This project called for a rework and modernization of the client ID while retaining some elements of the original mark. Luckow also redesigned the iOS app UI. Client Info: In July 2010, ReefID began collecting digital images from both professional and amateur underwater photographers in an effort to create the largest online, user friendly database […]

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Kurt Orban Steel

Luckow was contacted by Kurt Orban Partners due to previous experience with metal cards. Luckow developed this ID specifically with the goal of producing the metal cards. For a company that imports steel, this made total sense. Client Info: Kurt Orban Partners, LLC, a steel trader, distributes steel products purchased from carbon, alloy, stainless, and […]

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Luckow originally designed the logo for Steve Wozniak’s startup Wheels of Zeus. It was an update from a previous logo, also designed by Luckow. When the company, Wheels of Zeus, sold off its technology and was dissolved, Woz wanted a personal logo. He liked the Wheels of Zeus logo and asked for some kind of […]

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Ring Carrier

Logo design. Client Info: VOIP Services provider Stakeholders: Jeff Gigoux, VP Marketing

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Ciao Bella Logo by Luckow

Ciao Bella Restaurant

Restaurant Logo Client Info: Ciao Bella, an Italian restaurant in Ben Lomond, California. Stakeholders: Tad Morgan, Owner

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Capital Research and Recovery

Logo design. Client Info: Capital Research & Recovery, LLC is a locally owned (Chicago) research company that spends thousands of hours searching data bases to identify grants, entitlements and benefit programs which go uncollected. We use a sophisticated system of analytics to identify these grants and benefit programs and match them to qualifying businesses and […]

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