Blade Network Booth

Luckow designed and produced the graphics for this booth. The booth structure was provided. The guiding theme was “Breaking the Terabit Barrier”. BLADE was acquired by IBM immediately after this tradeshow. Client Info: BLADE Network Technologies, based in Santa Clara, California, was a supplier of Ethernet network switches for blade servers and server and storage […]

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BAM Labs Booth

The portable trade show booth used by BAM Labs. Luckow designed all graphics as well as ID. Client Info: BAM Labs develops a biometric sensor and sleep monitoring device that detects movements, heart rate, and breathing rate. Stakeholders: Rich Rifredi, CEO/CoFounder BAM Labs Steve Young, CTO/CoFounder BAM Labs

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Slick Plugins Poster

Used for tradeshow display and given away with product purchase. Shown are front and back. The difficulty was in showning examples of all the plug-ins as a hanging reference. The front of the poster, “Film Bytes” is designed using “Golden Mean” proportions. Luckow did all copywriting as well. (18X24) Luckow also worked on many of […]

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Tradeshow Booth (eyeeco)

Shown here are a 10 foot booth and 20 foot booth design. Both were produced as well as several others. Luckow built the booth in 3D as a rendering to give the client a realistic way of looking at various designs. Client Info: Eye Eco, developed in 2003, is a small company dedicated to developing […]

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Promotional posters (eyeeco)

Posters were used as Pop display items as well as for marketing. Client Info: Eye Eco, developed in 2003, is a small company dedicated to developing products that offer effective, natural relief for dry eyes, eye irritation and eye allergies. Each of our products is completely natural, drug free and proven effective. This project is […]

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