Harmony UI (Pre 2014)

This is the interface for the Logitech Harmony app. Harmony provides one of the world’s largest remote control compatibility databases with over 225,000 home theater devices. This UI was designed for iOS as well as Android apps (tablets and mobile versions). The design heavily keyed off the existing UI style of the hardware remotes which preceded apps by […]

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Skype UI for Logitech TV Cam HD

Supporting Skype calls over WiFi or ethernet connection, the TV Cam HD provided HD widescreen video and crystal-clear pictures thanks to Carl Zeiss optics, along with a four noise-canceling microphone array and digital pan/tilt/zoom control. The app runs on an embedded Android platform, although that is not obvious to the consumer. Client Info: Logitech International S.A. […]

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Cisco UMI Video Conferencing

Luckow designed the web app interface and user preference management portion of the Cisco UMI video client. Shown here is a selection of pages from the layouts provided to Cisco. Below is a link to a full PDF. Luckow produced all the assets as well. Client Info: Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational corporation […]

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LifeSize Video Conferencing Client

Lifesize Connections is an enterprise video conferencing client acquired by Logitech. This UI is the initial re-work of the UI, built from the ground up. Luckow also designed the backend management UI. Windows Vista UI. Client Info: Logitech International S.A. is a Swiss global provider of personal computer and tablets accessories with EMEA headquarters in […]

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Alert Mac Interface

This Mac interface was designed with the basic PC version as a starting point. Although this UI is quite different, some elements of the PC version are present to keep the visuals consistent. Luckow designed and produced all graphics for app and installers. Luckow also designed the online version of this app. Client Info: Logitech […]

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QuickCam V2

This was Luckow’s second involvement with this project. Redesigned application flow, installer and built a working prototype in Flash that was used for user testing. Luckow created all production graphics, icons and redesigned the QuickCam™ toolbar to integrate to the main UI skin. Emphasis was on simplicity. Ultimately, with this design, the user would only […]

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Video Router UI

The video routers were controlled via a web interface. Luckow designed the web interface proportionately to an iPad so the site loaded and was very similar to an app. Client Info: Sierra Video develops innovative and cost-efficient routing, control, and infrastructure systems that continually exceed customer expectations. Products are designed and built to the highest […]

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Slick Plugins Startup Screens

Startup screens for the installers for various iterations of GeeThree products and bundles. One example of 3D illustration created for final screen shown at bottom. Luckow also worked on many of the plugins themselves as well as the UI for the software, etc. Client Info: GeeThree, maker of Mac applications and hardware, Including, Slick iMovie […]

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CR ROM Interface for Pink Spiders

This was an interactive promotional item for the band.

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