AutoNet Auto Touchscreen UI

This was a automobile touchscreen UI designed by Luckow in 2006. This project was a prototype for a product demo. This was at the cusp of touchscreen phones (the iPhone was first announced June 29, 2007), so appropriate thinking given the state of technology at the time.

Autonet Mobile’s router fits under a seat, in a glove box or in the trunk, comes with encryption technology and, because Autonet also is an Internet-service provider, you can surf the Web with the flip of a switch. The company says the service is reliable even in rural areas.

Client Info:
Autonet Mobile is the first Internet-based telematics and applications service designed for your vehicle. Founded in 2005 and based on a technology platform designed to maintain wireless connectivity to vehicles in motion, Autonet Mobile has already secured OEM partnerships with several of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers.

Client Update:
AutoNet Mobile sold its connectivity technology to Lear Corporation. The CEO, Sterling Pratz went on to found Car IQ.

Sterling Pratz, Co-Founder, President
Christine Williams, Marketing

Production & Design:
Alan Luckow, UI/UX

Project categories: UI/UX

The basic layout of the application.
Some of the assets produced.
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