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Alan Luckow spent time as a co-host of NPR’s Geekspeak originating at KUSP, Santa Cruz, California. Each episode involved Geek News and stories of which he contributed many. No point in listing all that here. However, at the end of the hour Alan had a regular feature called, “The Crazy USB Device” which were 1 minute humor segments poking fun at these ridiculous devices. Here are a few.

Client Info:

GeekSpeak is a radio program on the Central Coast of California, broadcast weekly by KUSP in Santa Cruz, California since 1998 and distributed on the internet since 2002. It is one of the top five most popular tech podcasts on the NPR website and maintains a 5-star rating from iTunes listeners.

GeekSpeak attempts to bridge the gap between geeks and the rest of humanity through an hour long talk radio program. The show’s hosts are a group of local technology aficionados, many with industry experience, who offer light-hearted commentary on current news topics and events while delving deeper into specific areas each week with special guest interviews.

Lyle Troxell, Host
Alan Luckow, Writer
Alan Luckow, Sound Production

Project categories: Radio

Steam powered USB charging device.
The USB VisoMate sends you a shock if you start to slump off at your computer.
USB drumming Santa Claus with flashing lights. Also featuring voice talent: Allison Marino.
The USB comb. Also featuring voice talent: Allison Marino and Beth Lilienthal.
USB Lava Lamp is far out man.
If you need evidence, you need a USB Endoscope.
USB shuriken Flash Drive, for the Ninja inside you.
Discover your sensitive side with the USB aromatherapy device.
GeekSpeak Promo featuring jetpacks and robots.
The USB Disco ball will help you get down and boogie.
USB Missile launcher.
The thing everyone needs, a USB alarm clock in the shape of a blender.
A theme song which I wrote for GeekSpeak. Played at the beginning of the podcast, GeekSpeak has a number of theme songs that are rotated.
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