Harmony UI (Pre 2014)

This is the interface for the Logitech Harmony app. Harmony provides one of the world’s largest remote control compatibility databases with over 225,000 home theater devices.

This UI was designed for iOS as well as Android apps (tablets and mobile versions). The design heavily keyed off the existing UI style of the hardware remotes which preceded apps by a number of years.

Luckow worked on specs and assets for this Harmony version as well as the current version (post 2014) which was a complete overhaul.

Client Info:

Logitech International S.A. is a Swiss global provider of personal computer and tablets accessories with EMEA headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland and Americas headquarters in Newark, CA.


  • William Chien, Project Manager

Production & Design:

  • Alan Luckow, UI design, Schematics, Graphic Assets
  • Devon Wang, Designer
  • Jacky Li, Developer

Below is a link to some sample pages of the schematic provided by Luckow during the design process.

Samples shown Examples of some of the screens Luckow provided.

Project categories: UI/UX

Promo video made by Logitech which shows parts of the Harmony UI.
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