Kurt Orban Steel

Luckow was contacted by Kurt Orban Partners due to previous experience with metal cards. Luckow developed this ID specifically with the goal of producing the metal cards. For a company that imports steel, this made total sense.

Client Info:

Kurt Orban Partners, LLC, a steel trader, distributes steel products purchased from carbon, alloy, stainless, and high nickel alloy manufacturers. It offers tubular and fitting products, such as seamless pipe and tubing, welded pipe and tubing, OCTG and drill pipe, mechanical tubing, and buttweld fittings; and long products, including wires, wire rods, and bar and threaded rods. The company also provides purchasing, mill development, and relationship management services; ocean transport, customs clearing, and product delivery services; and finance/accounting services.

K. Matt Orban, Chairman/President

Project categories: Logos

The metal version of the card. Used exclusively by the Chairman/President.
Standard paper cards (front and back) were produced for all other company staff.
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