QuickCam V2

This was Luckow’s second involvement with this project. Redesigned application flow, installer and built a working prototype in Flash that was used for user testing. Luckow created all production graphics, icons and redesigned the QuickCam™ toolbar to integrate to the main UI skin. Emphasis was on simplicity. Ultimately, with this design, the user would only really perceive one screen. This project eventually morphed into Logitech Vid™.

Client Info:
Logitech International S.A. is a Swiss global provider of personal computer and tablets accessories with EMEA headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland and Americas headquarters in Newark, CA.

Gina Clark, GM, Logitech
Todd Hernandez, Project Manager

Production & Design:
Alan Luckow, Designer
Rick Mellor, Engineer

Project categories: UI/UX

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