Reef ID Logo

This project called for a rework and modernization of the client ID while retaining some elements of the original mark. Luckow also redesigned the iOS app UI.

Client Info:

In July 2010, ReefID began collecting digital images from both professional and amateur underwater photographers in an effort to create the largest online, user friendly database of our ocean inhabitants available to date. With these images, ReefID is creating a fun and easy way for it’s users to access and use this database to identify the inhabitants they encounter throughout their ocean adventures. ReefID plans to move aquatic identification into the digital age by reducing the need to work through countless pages in multiple ID books to figure out what you saw. Now, curious adventurers will be able to quickly identify their sightings from a computer or web enabled cell phone.

John Fifer, Founder and Editor

Project categories: Logos

Final art. Original logo also shown.
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