thermoeyes by eyeeco

eyeeco developed a way to create instant heat for their tranquileyes™ goggles. Luckow worked on product naming as well as produced the final ID and package design. Later, eyeeco introduced a microwavable version as well. These products are sold seperately as accessories and included as a component in other product offerings.

Client Info:
Eye Eco, developed in 2003, is a small company dedicated to developing products that offer effective, natural relief for dry eyes, eye irritation and eye allergies. Each of our products is completely natural, drug free and proven effective.

This project is part of a much larger corporate ID by Luckow, detailed in other sections of this online portfolio. See also: Corporate ID, Packaging, Presentations, Tradeshow, UI/UX, Web and Print.

Suzanne Paulson, CEO

Project categories: Packaging

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